Featured Charity Partner - Tour de Ren for Phoenix Children's Hospital

This year we have partnered with Executive Council Charities and their Support Arizona Youth campaign to provide even more support for PCH and take advantage of an amazing tax credit opportunity. 

Charitable donations made by companies and organizations are 100% tax deductible and donations made by individuals can qualify for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit!  Individual tax filers can give up to $400 annually and get it back as a State tax credit and joint/married tax filers can give up to $800 annually and get it back as a State tax credit.  It is an incredible opportunity to support kids at PCH at a net zero cost to you!  Donations can be made up until you file your taxes (April 15th) and still qualify for a State tax credit for 2018.  If you've aleady filed for 2018, this donation can be applied to a 2019 State tax credit.  Even if you've already maxed out the State tax credit, the donation is still tax deductible on your 2019 Federal filing.  Check with your tax advisor or www.azdor.gov for more details.

Donate below to Support Arizona Youth in support of Tour de Ren to benefit Phoenix Children's Hospital (#20551).  Or send a check made out to ECC SAY to ECC, 4114 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85018 and be sure to write Tour de Ren/PCH in the memo.

100% of contributions are forwarded by ECC SAY, LLC to PCH.  In addition, ECC is offering a 25% matching grant to PCH (up to $2,000) and they could earn additional bonus grants based on how they rank among ECC's other Partner Charities.  Your gift is magnified and provides more support for youth at PCH.