About Us


Established as the volunteer force supporting the activities of Executive Council Charities, Executive Council 70 is a group of working professionals dedicated to helping our community’s youth through a series of fundraising events and initiatives. Originally formed in 1972, our 70 Active and 300 Life Members have been assisting youth organizations for more than four decades and have raised more than $10 million dollars in just the past five years.

Executive Council Charities is a 501(c)(3) Arizona nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping youth in our community. Our goal is to provide grants to programs and nonprofit organizations focused on helping youth in Arizona overcome adversity and reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Funds are raised through signature events like The Original Taste, Holiday Classic and Cantina along with direct contributions to our annual campaign – Support Arizona Youth. Executive Council Charities has supported more than 125 charities this past year, distributing more than $2.2 million. With the help of numerous partners and the support of the community, we are able to meet our charitable goals.

2021-2022 Board

Casey Strunk
Regan Amato, Chairman
Brent Mallonee
Armand Slason
Dane Fernandes
Jared Langenhuizen
Kevin Miller
Cory Shepard
Josh Rogers
Kory Kober


2022-23 Board

Regan Amato
Brent Mallonee, Chairman
Cory Shepard
Casey Strunk
Armand Slason
Dane Fernandes
Jared Langenhuizen
Kevin Miller
David Feiler
Matt Campbell


Cory Shepard, President
David Feiler, President-Elect
Michael Fletcher, Vice President-Legal
Andrew Snedeker, Vice President-Membership
Connor McClain, Vice President-New Opportunities
Armand Slason, Vice President-Finance
Charles Jerkovich, Vice President-Charity Partners
Matt Westerhouse, Secretary
Michael Basham, Treasurer
Kyle Jennings, Marketing/PR
John Kostis & Blake Lewkowitz, Assistant Marketing

Chris Bade, Donor Relations
Justin Hodge, Sales Chairman
Daniel Kiernan, Support Arizona Youth Chairman
Kyle Jennings, Original Taste Chairman
Connor McClain, Assistant Taste Chairman/VIP Chairman
Bryan Mummaw, Taste Site Chairmen
John Kostis, Holiday Classic Chairman
Tyler Stamets, Assistant Holiday Classic Chairman
Nick Baxter, Cantina Chairman
David Brown, Assistant Cantina Chairman
Hunter Fattaleh, Social Chairman
Danny O’Sullivan, Assistant Social Chairman
Alex Kienle, Assistant Membership Chairman
Josh Bowman, Holiday Shopping Chairman
Luke Moffatt, Holiday Shopping Assistant Chairman
Michael Basham Sr., Life Member Liaison (Life)
Matt Campbell, EC70 Member at Large


Matt Davis
Executive Director

Lisa Burke
Office Manager


Scott Aitken
Charlie von Arentschildt
Chris Bade
Michael Basham
Peter Bauman
Nick Baxter
Josh Bowman
David Brown
Matthew Campbell
Ryan Campos
Devontae Chapple
Sergio Chavez Moreno
David Cohen
Trevor Cohen
Mikey Collins
Kevin Curley
Blake Curtis
Jack Czerwinski
Ray Damm
Andrew Denapoli
Dustin Desmarteau
David Dickson

Matt Edwards
Nick Eggen
Hunter Fattaleh
David Feiler
Brett Fitzpatrick
Michael Fletcher
Sean Frantz
Andrew Gallagher
Jack Hale
Scott Hibler
Justin Hodge
Stephen Huey
Damon Jeffrey
Kyle Jennings
Charles Jerkovich
Alex Kienle
Daniel Kiernan
Grant Kingdon
Michael Knall
John Kostis
DJ Lantz
Blake Lewkowitz

Will Jay Lichtsinn
Chris Lind
Chris Lubeck
Jimmy MacWilliam
Ryan Madrid
Brady Maus
Connor McClain
Patrick McGroder
Garon McHone
Luke Moffatt
Adam Morris
Rob Mougey
Bryan Mummaw
Spencer Nast
Danny O’Sullivan
Beau Pich
Daniel Plapp
Madison Poole
Jeff Porter
Travis Reid
James Robson
Edson Salas

Zach Sebastian
Cory Shepard
Kevin Sherrill
Dan Siddall
Jordan Simone
Armand Slason
Andrew Snedeker
Tyler Stamets
Ross Steckelberg
Alex Stuchen
Austin Walter
Matt Westerhouse