Holiday Classic


This annual event is hosted at McCormick Ranch Golf Club with all proceeds benefiting Executive Council Charities and the youth organizations we support. Executive Council 70 hosts the event. We appreciate all our sponsors and players who help make this one of the most successful charity golf tournaments in the Valley.



We look forward to hosting you at the 2023 Holiday Classic!

Friday, December 1, 2023
McCormick Ranch Golf Club


For four decades, the Holiday Classic has been one of the can’t-miss charity golf events in the Valley and will host more than 350 participants this year. The day begins with a Bloody Mary Breakfast Lounge and distribution of first-class tee gifts followed by a very memorable round at award winning McCormick Ranch Golf Club. On the course, golfers enjoy drink tickets for the carts or on-course bars, a BBQ Station serving lunch and an exciting mix of theme holes with beverage samples and entertainment. The day concludes with an Awards Banquet featuring food, beverages and entertainment. It is a day you and your golfing buddies will not soon forget.


Steve Schwanz (FOUNDER) – 1983-1984
Steve Schwanz, Tom Diamond,
Will Cutter, R.C. Moore – 1985-1993
Joe Beers, Rob Leonard – 1994-1995
Chuck Vogel, Jeff Masters – 1996-1997
John Felix, John Hester – 1998-1999
Michael Pylman, Tim Frakes – 2000
Tim Frakes, John Wentworth – 2001
John Wentworth, Brad East – 2002
Brad East, Brett Parker – 2003
Brett Parker, Jason Klonoski – 2004

Kevin Calihan, Adrian Evarkiou – 2006
Kevin Calihan, Kevin Kopp – 2007
Greg Miller, Phil Calihan III – 2008
Phil Calihan III, Robbie Petty – 2009
Robbie Petty, Casey Charpio – 2010
Casey Charpio, Colton Trauter, Amr Ceran – 2011
Robbie Petty, Amr Ceran, Colton Trauter – 2012
Amr Ceran, Colton Trauter – 2013
Dan Kronenberg, Josh Rogers – 2014
Josh Rogers, Will Mast – 2015
Will Mast, Brian Christifulli – 2016
Brian Christifulli, Nick Eggen – 2017
Nick Eggen, Matt Davis – 2018
Matt Davis, Tom Grace – 2019
Ray Damm, David Dickson – 2020
David Dickson, John Kostis – 2021
John Kostis, Travis Reid, Tyler Stamets – 2022

Travis Reid, Tyler Stamets – 2023