Elevate Phoenix is modeled on Colorado UpLift, a non-profit organization that for 33 years has worked to help Denver-area students. 90% percent of high school seniors who have been in Colorado UpLift’s program for three years or more graduate from high school, and of these graduates over 85% enroll in post-secondary education. Like Colorado UpLift, Elevate Phoenix employs an urban and indigenous staff with a six-fold purpose of impacting at-risk student

What Elevate Phoenix Provides

In-school teaching
After-school mentoring/tutoring
Career instruction/ post-secondary preparation
Character, life skills and peer leadership development
Community service
Adventure activities
Reading/Literacy Improvement *Accredited Classes
How Elevate Phoenix Does It

The Elevate Phoenix curriculum is designed to teach character, life skills, and leadership to urban students. The heart of the success is the work of the team of full-time, primarily ethnic staff who serve as teachers, mentors, and life coaches to students over multiple years. Teacher Mentors are available to students 24/7. These one-on-one connections make in-school learning more effective. As a part of this relational approach, Elevate Phoenix standardizes its learning objectives and equips staff to meet the varied learning needs of their students.

The Elevate curriculum consists of 100+ learning objectives centered on thirteen character qualities and life skills and is broken in to a “Scope and Sequence” approach that identifies hundreds of standardized learning objectives. ”Scope” refers to 13 character qualities and life skills and “Sequence” refers to the sequential objective for each grade level.

5 full time teacher mentors + 4 vans + 1 high school + 1 or more K-8 schools + Lift for Success College Program = 1 educational/mentoring pipeline with 2,250 students annually. Currently Elevate Phoenix features 2 pipelines reaching 4,500 students at a per student cost of $222.